Everyone experiences times, no matter how rare, when you meet someone and immediately know that this person is the "Real Deal". You just know they are a straight shooter and you can trust them for who they are and never question the fact that they mean what they say and can walk the talk. The "proof is in the pudding" with this person and there's plenty of it out in the open for anyone to see. Do you know what we're talking about? Have you met anyone like that lately? Well let us introduce you Pat Paldino of Kustom Flames.

B2R:  Kustom Flames seems to be about a lot more than just flame artwork. Can you tell us the full range of bike work you do when it comes to custom requests?

KF:  While flames do come naturally to me, any type of designs that are drawn out freehand with 1/8" fineline are my specialty. So two-tones, tri-tones, tribals and everything in between.

B2R:  In your bio, you state that you did an "apprenticeship" with and auto body painter and read books, however your talent in art with paint seems to go beyond just that. How did you develop these talents and did you have formal training? When did you first realize your ability and talents in art?

KF:  I have luckily been born with artistic abilities. Started out drawing at a very early age...5-6 years old. So eventually transferring these abilities to 3 dimensional pieces instead of paper was the next step. I never really went to school for anything artistic but I found most things were easy for me to learn just by watching the process a few times then getting hands-on.

B2R:  Your "Gallery" (Click Here) shows some awesome jobs you've done. Which are the most challenging and what do you enjoy the most?

KF:  Some of the most challenging jobs, and coincidentally the ones I enjoy most, are on Baggers. You have a lot more canvas to work on and although they take about 6-8x as long as my famous flame jobs, they are worth it in the end when you see it bolted on and you can take it (the design) from front to back.

"Some of the most challenging jobs...the one's I enjoy most, are on baggers."    
KF:  Sure. Half dozen guitar bodies and hockey goalie masks. Flamed out an entire Sedan delivery, done a few hoods, and some of my other favorite 'other projects' were definitely the KitchenAid stand mixers (Click Here).

B2R:  What would be your dream project? Where would you like to see Kustom Flames accomplish in the future?

KF:  At this point I don't think I really have a dream project. I've been lucky enough to do some pretty awesome bikes already and bikes are definitely my favorite things to paint. Any dream project does include not having to do any bodywork though :). I'd like to see KF complete the other elusive states that I have not been lucky enough to have my work in yet....and then I can rest knowing I've got something in every single state of the country!    

Hawgs for Dogs is a motorcycle run that raises funds for the Guide Dogs of America. This organization is “dedicated to its mission to provide guide dogs and instruction in their use, free of charge, to blind and visually impaired men and women from the United States and Canada so that they may continue to pursue their goals with increased mobility and independence”. As stated by the president of the organization, Russel Gittlen, “Like most successful organizations, Guide Dogs of America depends on the talents, goals, and generosity of many dedicated people. In our case, this group includes our board of directors, staff, puppy raisers, volunteers, donors, and the visually impaired men and women that we serve”.
    The Minnesota Chapter of Hawgs for Dogs hosted their 28th annual this past July 15th in order to raise funds for Guide Dogs of America. The annual event is organized and sponsored by the local chapter of the International Association of Machinist and Aerospace Workers or I.A.M.A.W.  "Click Here" for more information.
Hawgs for was founded in 1989, by the Minnesota Chapter,  when the I.A.M. was looking for new ideas for fundraising for the Guide Dogs of America. Key members got together and decided that by organizing a motorcycle ride they could raise funds through a large group of participants. They approached the International president of the organization for permission, and although they were hesitant because of the press and views of readers regarding motorcycle events, they decided to let the Hawgs for Dogs set up the run on a yearly probation.

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family, friends, employers and businesses. It is not uncommon for some participants to raise as much as $1,000 and they have had a “Top Dog” fundraiser collecting over $5,000. Each participant will receive a T-shirt, ride pin, dinner and breakfast along with the chance to win a trip to Las Vegas for two and many door prizes.
     Typically the ride starts out on Saturday morning for a 200 to 250 mile ride to a specific designated resort destination. There is a banquette that night with drinks, raffles and an auction. On Sunday morning a breakfast is served and a tally provided on how much the run raised before riding back home.

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How does ending a relaxing ride on a beautiful warm day on a deck overlooking a lake with good eats, cold drinks and a relaxing atmosphere with friends sound? Well it might sound so good that you may want to spend a night or even a week if it meant you could get away with it. Well Born To Roam has found a Biker Friendly place that fits that bill completely. Welcome to Howey-In-The-Hills, Florida, home of JB Boondocks Bar and Grill, located right on the shores of Lake Harris.
Originally the Palm Tree Harbor, “Mama B” bought the establishment back in 1999. After doing renovations to the bar, kitchen, docks and deck, the name of JB Boondocks was given and turned a former fish camp into a place of recreation, rest, and relaxation. In fact JB Boondocks “boasts more than 20 boat slips, outdoor and indoor dining, entertainment and special events”. Not to mention lodging for those who may stay awhile and enjoy their time on the lake for more that just the day.
JB Boondocks features a Southern Cuisine that will get your mouth watering just by reading the many selections. From “Swamp Bites” (Gator Tail Strips) to Lobster Mac & Cheese there is something for everyone and every taste. From "Starters" to "Entrees" to "Desserts" and "drinks", this menu is loaded! Check it out yourself by “Clicking Here”.
You can enjoy your meal either outside on the deck with a front seat view of the Lake Harris and
it’s scenery complete with outside “Tiki Bar”, or pull up a chair at the bar inside or window seat and enjoy the same view with the friendly staff and patrons. They don’t require reservations, but they highly recommend them, especially on nights that host special events
     Speaking of events, JB Boondocks is just the place if you are in the area and looking for a
place to host your Biker Event. They welcome and will even help plan your next Poker Run, Fishing
or Boating event. Just give them a call (Click Here) and their helpful staff will get you started.
     If you want to spend a little time vacationing on the lake, JB Boondocks has 8 efficiency rentals available at weekly or monthly rates, with covered and uncovered boat slips available. Each unit offers a kitchenette, dinette table, private bath/shower, cable TV and all with dock access. There are also various sports and recreations available from nearby towns including  Bass Tournaments, Fishing, Golf Courses, Sea Plane Adventures, Boat Tours, Antique Shops, Flea Markets and of course various Biker Events! It is also a great place to stay out of the “Main Stream” of Disney World, Universal Studios and Daytona Beach while only being about an hour ride from those locations.
     So whether you come by “Bike, Boat or Car”, we think you will agree with that JB Boondocks is a great Biker Friendly hangout to “Eat, Drink, Relax and Unwind”!
A Southern Soul Food Revival!

Eat, Drink, Relax And Unwind At JB Boondocks Bar and Grill!

Kustom Flames Customers Who Have Shared Bike Pictures Once Their Parts Where Completed And Reassembled.
There is no doubt to us that Pat will get his wish in having his work done in the few remaining "elusive" states. In fact, considering the many jobs he's done in the past, it is somewhat surprising that he hasn't had that accomplishment already. Who knows, maybe one of our readers who has a special project in mind will give Pat a call and be on their way to putting their state on one of the few places his work hasn't yet been completed in.
    Kustom Flames was one of our first "Featured Favorites" when we started Born To Roam Biker. Like most of our partners, Pat was an independent business man who followed his passion and made a success business in doing so. A big part of that success comes from his talents, but even more comes from Pat's character and willingness to treat everyone like his neighbor and friend. Not just another customer.
Organizers Of Hawgs For Dogs With Check For Guide Dogs Of America.
The first year’s event netted $20,000 dollars and, 28 years later, the motorcycle run continues to pull in $60,000 to $100,000 for the weekend event. The group has raised over 1.5 million over the years through planning, organizing and dedication of I.A.M.A.W. and the many supporters who come out to attend the event.
     The run does require a commitment from their participants. Along with the $35 registration fee, each rider is required to raise a minimum of $300 in order to participate. This is primarily done through collecting pledges from
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B2R:  What was one (or two) of your most memorable projects that you have done?

KF:  I'd say the 911 tribute bike (full dresser) was definitely one (Click Here), and of course another one that comes to mind was the camo job with American Flame flags over it (Click Here).

B2R:  Your website mentions that you've done work in 40 States and 6 Countries. Can you tell us a little about what it is like to service the world?

KF:  Bragging rights for sure :) Nothing like knowing my work has stretched to almost all 4 corners of the world! International exposure was something I hadn't dreamed of, but I know have work out in Australia, Japan, Spain, South Africa, Canada as well as most of the US. It's very rewarding!

Have you ever done projects not related to motorcycles?

"International exposure was something I hadn't dreamed of ... It's very rewarding!"