Although he was hardly on his way to be recognized as “Red Beard”, at a very young age, he did know his calling had to be with his artistic talents that seemed to occupy any and all of his “free time”. He recalled one day his mother found him coming down stairs dressed in a suite with his crayons and pencils, stating he was “going to work”. When she asked “what kind of work”, he simply replied, “Artwork”! His mother was a strong supporter of his talents from an early age and encouraged him to follow his passion and do that which he loved. Her belief in him gave him the confidence in grade school to do some artwork on a blank t-shirt with a Sharpie of Fred Flintstone and within a very short time was selling Fred (and Wilma) t-shirts on the bus to classmates.
     As an adult, Red Beard began taking his artwork much more serious. He opened a shop and worked producing “Industrial” structural sculpting and fabrication with metal and wood making a very successful business until the market crash of 2008. Due to the economy he was forced to downsize considerably and with a wife a child and one on the way, they were stricken with hard times. For four years they continued to live hand to mouth. The frustration of being stuck in that position and, with no apparent relief in sight, life was taking its toll.  Red Beard leaned on his faith and church to keep him going during these tough times, praying almost continually.
     One day after church he was approached by a man who wanted to share a “vision” he said he had about Red Beard. He listened while the man told him that he saw him putting out fires in a field. As soon as one was out, another began to blaze. The man told him that this continued until Red Beard was exhausted. Next he saw him in a sail boat sitting worn out in the back with no wind. The next thing he saw was Red Beard standing like “Captain Morgan” on the bow. The wind so strong the boats sails made the boat skip across the water. The man encouraged Red Beard to not give up and that he felt God was putting him on a path that would get him started in something that would take off and end his frustrations.
     About that time Red Beard had a pull toward a store and a small section in the corner that was dedicated to leather work. Not a large space but enough to sell some leather and tools for doing leatherwork. He asked a man in the store if he could
show him just how leather work was done on a basic level. The man didn’t know too much about it himself, but Red Beard tried his hand on what the man could tell him on a scrap of leather. He told us he was “completely entranced”, with this first attempt at leather work.  Engrossed in the process for a few minutes, he was surprised when he looked up to see people watching him work. At that point he was hooked.
Red Beard decided to take a leap of faith and he and his wife took what little they had for living and spent it all on basic tools, supplies and some leather scraps. A friend of his was organizing a bike show and asked if he wanted to set up a booth and sale some leather goods. Red Beard jumped on the opportunity and decided to make simple leather bracelets made to order. With a makeshift booth from items barrowed he was able to sell $80 in bracelets. From that moment on Red Beard Leather began and, like the “vision”, his boat took off with the wind in his sails originating from his new found passion, and it isn't just about making simple bracelets either!

N.C.I.B. Born To Roam Biker Photo Bombed During A Charity Event!

It is no secret that Heroin addiction has become an increasing concern across the United States. The Associated Press states that over 50,000 deaths from drug overdose with a quarter of those from Heroin use. Even the White House has set up a “Commission on Opioid Addiction” which has recommended that the President declare a “National Emergency” over the epidemic. And while the government might take some time in getting the ball rolling, the community of Stark County, in partnership with CommQuest Services and the Stark County Sheriff’s Department, have formed the F.A.T.H.E.R.S. Motorcycle Poker Run to “raise awareness of the Heroin Epidemic, and to promote access to the information and resources available in Stark County” for the past 3 years.
     Founders by Larry and Kara Vogt state “Our focus is on the families of those addicted to Opiates. Through our partnerships with CommQuest Services, and the Stark County Sheriff's Dept.
The F.A.T.H.E.R.S. Poker Run began three years ago, and was a success from the the very beginning and since then the event as grown in size and support in a relatively short period of time.
     This years 3rd Annual event, held on June 17th, had 386 motorcycles with 567 riders in attendance. In addition, over 50 more motorcycles and 101 riders attended the Poker Run from

A Word of Thanks
Born To Roam would like to thank Red Beard of Red Beard Leather, Larry Vogt of F.A.T.H.E.R.S.,  and Emily Thomas of Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing for their contributions to our stories! Each month we will continue to bring our readers more "news" from our partners in order to help spread the word about the many and varied wonderful places, products and events available to our Roaming Community.
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so special and why Born To Roam had make this a part of our newsletter is perhaps best said in a paragraph on their website’s “About Us” page. “We are ordinary average residents of Stark County who have been directly affected by this epidemic.  We have dedicated our efforts in conjunction with others in our community to bring this issue to the forefront. There are too many innocent people in our communities that are affected by the current drug crisis. There is not an area within Stark County that has not been affected by the epidemic of heroin addiction.”

NOTE: If you have or know of a worthy cause, charity or project hosted by a Biker organization and would like it to be considered as part of this feature, submit your information on our form page by “Clicking Here”. Chips Champs is about charity awareness and the positive impact Bikers have on a local and national levels. To see charities already listed on Born to Roam Biker .com, “Click Here” !

Emily Thomas, co-owner of SCMB, first started brewing beer nearly ten years ago in her college apartment’s bathtub. The Brown Ale must have been quite a hit, because it has now become one of the “Flagship Ales” under the title of Dread Brown Ale and is now brewing up “thousands of gallons at the brewery and winning awards for it”.
     Emily learned the “craft” of brewing beer from her Uncles while attending college in Portland. She spent many weekends with them learning the brewing process as a hobby. She passed her knowledge onto Chad Brill and
together, with the support of family and friends, opened SCMB in 2005. The brewery is “Proud to produce an American made product that is putting people to work locally”. With a total of twelve employees, SCMB prides itself on being “A small but efficient operation”.
     Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery boasts “Think Organic. Drink Organic”. That’s right, SCMB is “An award winning, local, certified organic brewery”, and proud of it!  And what does that mean? Well, it means that the grains and hops are organic. It also means that the brewery operates under the “Traditional Fashion” meaning the ales are not filtered, pasteurized or
radiated, and not brewed with any genetically modified ingredients. All of the Ales are handcrafted and hand bottled. Could this actually be the way brews were originally and possibly meant to be made?
     SCMB has a total of seven (7) Flagship Ales that are brewed exclusively at their brewery. They are available by the Pint, Growler (jug used to transport fresh draft beer), and also available in 5 and 15 gallon kegs as supply allows. In addition, SCMB also brews Seasonal Ales. Being a small brewery with a “7 Barrel System” allows them to be innovative and creative to keep them flowing and changing on a weekly basis. For an updated list, just “give them a call” at (831) 425-4900.

But it’s not just about the beer…is it? We don’t think so and apparently either does SCMB. They also have a Tap Room and Beer Garden located on the West Side of Santa Cruz off of Mission St. at Swift and Ingalls St. (between Kelly's & Vino Tabi Winery) along with a host of other great shops and businesses. Click Here for a map and directions.
     The Tap Room always has the 7 Flagship Ales on tap, as well as select Seasonal and specialty brews. They also offer a variety of hard ciders. Non-alcoholic options include draught root beer and locally brewed Kombucha (lightly fermented tea). SCMB offers a range of snacks as well including artisan corn dogsartisan corn dogs
from El Salchichero and Bavarian Pretzels with house made mustard and a full menu of mouthwatering food from Kelly's French Bakery from noon - 7pm every day. Click Here for the full menu.
       SCMB recently remodeled their Beer Garden so “so you can sit comfortably outside in the sunshine or under the twinkly lights while you enjoy your beer and meal”. They are also Dog Friendly (as long as they are kept on a leash) and Kid Friendly (as long as accompanied with an adult) , but also mention that Happy Hour can get pretty crowded so you may want to plan your trip accordingly or be prepared to rub elbows with locals and regulars.
     If there is one thing that Born To Roam has learned about beer, it is that not all brews (or even breweries) are created equal. And it seems what makes Santa Cruise Mountain Brewery special is that fact that from its roots to its shoots it has dedicated itself to being something special. Not the biggest, not the most famous and not one that tries to make a name for itself in the ever increasing market of microbreweries. SCMB I just a small group of people with a passion for what they do and doing it by holding to the traditions of “Thinking Organic and Drinking Organic”.
A Southern Soul Food Revival!

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery Tap Room and Beer Garden

Just A Few Examples Of Red Beard Leather Projects.
Click Here For More!
Today Red Beard Leather has become a well-known crafter of functional leather artwork. Mostly the growth of the business was from bike shows and word of mouth. Almost all of Red Beard Leather is custom work “made to order” (Click Here) to see more. One thing you must know, is that placing an order with Red Beard you will be paying for the Art of his designs more so than the physical product, or as Red Beard puts it,
“You are not buying a wallet with artwork, you are buying a piece of custom art that functions as a wallet”. And while he can do most any design you can dream up, all designs must be approved before he will commit to starting a project. “Click Here” to contact Read Beard Leather about your next project.
     We would like to mention that the Red Beard Leather website is presently undergoing some exciting changes and is under construction. However you can see a variety of pieces on his photo and gallery pages on their Instagram (Click Here) and Facebook (Click Here) pages. You can still contact them via the website and view some of
Red Beards masterpieces. They still do Bike and Hot Rod shows on occasion so keep you eye out if you are in the Southern California area and or planning to visit. Their home base is in Vista, California.     
     As Born To Roam spoke with Red Beard, we learned that here was a man who stood for taking a risk without compromising his principals or his beliefs in following his passion and making it a success. He is a man who sets the example for his children in following his calling to do “Artwork” since childhood and in having self-belief and spiritual faith in taking a risk in making a dream come true. He is also a man who prides himself on setting an example for his children encouraging them that success is something that comes from what you have a passion to do and you willingness do it. We wish to thank Red Beard for giving us some of his valuable time so that we could share his story and talents with you.
F.A.T.H.E.R.S. Supporters Making A Difference & Having Fun
the previous year’s event. The end event provided educational resources and live entertainment along with a raffle for a 2003 Harley Davidson 100 Anniversary FLSTF Fatboy. The event totaled over $27,000.00 in proceeds to fund heroin awareness initiatives taking place at CommQuest Services and the Stark County Sheriff’s Department.
     What makes F.A.T.H.E.R.S.
Get your copy of Charisse's book now at by Clicking Here!