The “Art of War” has been around since the beginning of mankind and for just as long has been the “Art in War”. From the highly decorated shields of the primitives, the intricate designs of armor and military dress and the painting of war machines. Much of this art had to do with identification of a specific tribe, unit or country. But with the advent of aircraft, pilots and their crews began to personalize their planes as a way of making a statement about themselves and their mission. The Red Baron painted his plane completely red to strike fear in his foes. The P-40 squadron in Burma known as the Flying Tigers had the fierce grin and glaring red eye of a tiger painted on the nose to identify their planes. Since then, “Nose Art” has become a creative expression that lives on today, and one man has made it his passion (and talent) to preserve and continue that expression in art while making it available to everyone. Meet Dan McQuality of McQuality Nose Art Studio.
     Dan mentions in is website “Bio” (Click Here To Read) that he believes his passion for military planes and art just may be genetic. His grandfather served as a waist gunner on a B-17 during WWII, his father served in the US Air Force and Dan himself served as a paratrooper and medic in the 2nd Infantry Division in Korea, 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment, and the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment in Iraq. Born to Roam felt like there had to be more to it and ask Dan a few questions to learn more about his unique talent and passion for doing what he does so well.

B2R:  When did you "officially" start your business of doing Nose Art and how did it evolve to where it is today?

DM:  I have been drawing and painting nose art for over 40 years, since I was a kid.  I painted nose art in the Army too, on armored vehicles and the like.  But I didn't 'officially' start painting professionally until 2006 when I offered up some nose art I did on some old sheet metal off a '54 Ford.  I think I sold it for $65 and I was like "wow, I just sold a nose art panel!".  Today, I have a small business in which I've sold artwork all over the world and I feel very blessed to be able to do what I do.
B2R:  You use quite a bit of different mediums for your art, i.e. Jackets, vehicles, panels and patches. What was the most unique request you've received?

DM:  I was by commissioned by Steven Roman to do a motorcycle jacket for his zombie killing fictional character named Pandora Zwieback.  Steven is a really gifted author and writes the X-Men Trilogy stuff.  In his 'Blood Feud: The Saga of Pandora Zwieback books', Pandora wears this killer black leather jacket with red/yellow flames on the sleeves and a 16th century woodcut of the gates of Hell on the back.  I painted a jacket for their promotions at Comicon and the like, and it’s fun when I get to do non-military jackets like this!  I actually paint a lot of motorcycle jackets, vests, patches, m/c tanks and helmets.  I love bikes and '50's hot rods and customs.
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B2R:  Is the material you use for your aircraft panels and other parts real ?  Or do you make your own displays out of metal like the '54 Ford you mentioned?

DM:  Both.  Sometimes I paint on very unique pieces of warbird and antique planes, and I also fabricate my own panels using the same solid rivets and rivet gun that Rosie the Riveter used in WWII!

B2R:  Do you have a Gallery and do you take your art to display in Galleries or shows?

Born To Roam Biker Jason S. Shows His Yamaha Star With Custom Chrome and Pipes!

This month’s “Chip’s Champs” is about a very special Bike Ride dedicated to Jerome III and Gracie Bergman. It is the story of two Angels who learned how to fly before ever having the chance to crawl or walk upon this earth, and about how their parents found the courage and strength to turn their grief into a memoriam through dedicating an event to help others who suffer that same tragic loss.
suffer the death of a child, Mandie and Jerry were offered support through a bereavement program at the hospital. This program showed compassion and support by allowing Mandie and Jerry to take home clay moldings of their tiwns hands and feet and small clothing that had blanketed their bodies.
    As part of their bereavement, Mandie and Jerry decided  to  organize a charity to help raise funds for other parents and families of infant loss and also preserve the memory of their twins by dedicating it in their names. They decided that the best way to accomplish this was combining their own love for motorcycle riding with a dedicated fundraising motorcycle ride.

     This year’s 8th annual ride was hosted on August 5th and raised over $11,000 dollars to go directly towards the Infant Bereavement Program at Hendricks Regional Health. Funds provide families with memory boxes to fill with important keepsakes at no cost,

A Word of Thanks
Born To Roam would like to thank Dan McQuality of McQuality Nose Art Studio, Mandie and Jerry Bergman of Little Angels Ride,  and Lorrie Dixson Griggs of Eskimo Advertising for their contributions to our stories! Each month we will continue to bring our readers more "news" from our partners in order to help spread the word about the many and varied wonderful places, products and events available to our Roaming Community.
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fundraising ride, will continue to live in the hearts of Mandie and Jerome and the memory of those who have and will be touched by  the support of their event.

NOTE: If you have or know of a worthy cause, charity or project hosted by a Biker organization and would like it to be considered as part of this feature, submit your information on our form page by “Clicking Here”. Chips Champs is about charity awareness and the positive impact Bikers have on a local and national levels. To see charities already listed on Born to Roam Biker .com, “Click Here” !

What do you get when you take three southern boys from the University of Alabama with a passion for BBQ, Blues, College Football and Whisky? Well, apparently you get one of the best and fasted growing Bar B Que businesses in the USA.
     On their websites "About" page, we learned that Moe's Original Bar B Que was founded by three "Alabama Boys" (Ben Gilbert, Mike Fernandez and Jeff Kennedy) who met while attending the University of Alabama. In 1988, Mike began learning the art of preparing "fire roasted meats" from Moses Day of Tuscaloosa. Moses who had a renown reputation for his distinct style and methods for producing the "best Bar B Que in T-Town".
  Although all three of the owners where true sons of the south, they had a love for the Rocky Mountains and took their craft west to settle in the beautiful Vail Valley of Colorado. Here they set up their first "venue" in the small town of Minturn at the Cougar Ridge Cafe. They set up shop at Jeff Kennedy's "Double-Wide" on the river and refined their skills by using fruit wood to smoke the meats and two sauces.
Soon after through their entrepreneurial savvy, the owners started a catering business and set up a $600 pit at a local junk yard. Next they converted a hay trailer into a  "Health Department Certified" concessions trailer. With hay bales for seats and wire spools for tables and began selling MOB on street corners at an alarming rate. This of course had them looking for a brick and mortar location and it wasn't long until they found themselves purchasing a  1500 square foot restaurant in Lionshead Village in the heart of Vail's ski resorts.
From those humble beginnings Moe's Original Bar B Que (MOB) began to take off and hasn't shown any signs of slowing down.
   Today you can find a MOB location in sixteen states across the USA and there are plans to open a MOB in Mexico City.  That being said, not all MOB's are created equal.
  Since the first "venue" in Minturn, MOB's have found locations that lend to different layouts and diversions. Several MOB locations are converted gas stations while others include bowling lanes.
Some MOB's are in the heart of urban areas featuring live music while others are in a more scenic locations with patios to enjoy the view. But one thing that is always a constant at any of  MOB's great eating establishments is their famous fare of Bar B Que.
    So just how "famous" is MOB's  Bar B Que really? Well if you want a complete list, just "click here" and you can visit their websites "news" page. But most recently MOB has been recognized as "Top 10 Rib Joints in the U.S." by Relish, and "Top 10 BBQ Chains in America" by USA Today and The Daily Meal. South Strand News has given them the honor of  "Best Wings in Myrtle Beach" and finally "Best Wings, Best Barbecue Sauce, Best Ribs and Best Chain Restaurants in South Alabama" by Lagniappe's Nappie Awards.
   So the next time you find yourself in the mood for some Bar B Que and would like to try some place that has a reputation and history of making a name in the art of slow cooked meats. You might just see if theirs a MOB near you and experience for yourself why Moe's Orignal Bar B Que is truly  "A Southern Soul Food Revival".
A Southern Soul Food Revival!

Moe's Across America! Click Here For All Locations

We Need Your Help In Honoring Our Service Men and Women.
"I actually paint a lot of motocycle jackets, vests, patches, m/c (fuel) tanks and helmets"
Dan Can Paint Just About Anything Your Project Requires Including Leather, Metal and Wood. Have Something In Mind? Click Here!
"I offered up some nose sold for $65 and I was like "Wow, I just sold a nose art panel!"
DM:  It's hard to keep a gallery because I usually make my stuff to sell and not just hang in my studio, but when I am requested to do a gallery or show, I usually can gather up a pretty good display to bring for people to enjoy.
I was commissioned to paint his jacket which featured the aircraft carrier CVN 77, which is named after him.  My artwork even had to be approved by the Bush Presidential Library!  So it was quite an honor as he was my Commander in Chief during Desert Storm.  He really enjoyed the jacket and sent me the nicest thank you letter, which I treasure.

B2R:  What has been the most memorable experience since you have been doing the many different projects you do?
DM:  That's the neat part about what I do.  Most people I paint for are reconnecting to one of the most important parts of their lives - the time when they served our great nation.  To be in the military when you are young and impressionable, and in many cases, this was a time where they or a loved one put their life on the line!  So it's hard to pick just one most memorable experience when nearly every commission I do has a unique and specials memory attached to it.

B2R:  What's in the future for McQuality Nose Art Studio?

DM:  I am mostly just trying to keep up as I'm always busy. In addition to my art, I'm also an ordained Lutheran Pastor, my wife has recently become disabled, and we have 6 kids.  So if someone tried to get hold of me and you don't get an answer immediately, be patient with me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

Dan McQuality certainly lives up to his name in both his personage and his talents! Born To Roam would like to express our thanks to Dan for sharing his passion and story with us! If you would like to contact Dan about a custom project or other interest, please visit his website. or send him an email at
B2R:  Can you tell about your recent commission to do a former Presidents jacket?

DM:  Yeah, one of the highlights of my career has been to paint a G-1 Navy leather jacket for former President George H.W. Bush!  Not only was he President, but of course he was a Navy pilot of a TBM Avenger in WWII!
Little Angels Ride Bikers.
Mandie and Jerry Bergman
Bringing Comfort To Mourning Parents and Families Of Infant Loss
In 2009 Mandie and Jerry Bergman experienced the loss of their twins at birth. While it is unimaginable what parents must suffer at a time like this or at any moment went a parent has to
including photos, molds of hands or feet, locks of hair, christening gowns and/or sleepers. Funds also can help support funeral and burial expenses for families in need along with emotional support.
     Since the first Little Angels Ride, close to $40,000 dollars has been raised in the memory of Jerome and Gracie Bergman for those who have experienced infant loss. These Little Angels, who have contributed so much to so many
through their memory